Murray and Dorothy Wright have played the Modern Lyre since 1983 and have performed publicly in Australia, England, Ireland and Germany.

Murray learned from the Australian luthier Peter Biffin. Since 1994, Murray has been creating new  styles of the modern lyre, distinctive in both their sound quality and ergonomic form. His experience as a player has significantly influenced the way the instruments are designed, bringing fresh possibilities to the joy of lyre playing.

The lyres illustrated are particularly responsive to the player's touch, and thus require less effort to evoke the instrument's great potential. They are capable of subtle intimacy as well as dynamic sound strength throughout the entire note range, including the deep bass.

The larger instruments have an extended note range, giving greater repertoire possibilities in a single instrument.

Ergonomically, these lyres are very stable on the lap. All strings can be reached by both hands. Murray's introduction of a detachable strap allows the lyre to be completely supported without use of the left arm, giving the player much greater physical (and thus musical) freedom.

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